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Elevate Your Business with Premium Screen-Printing Services

At Vouge Apparel, we understand that quality is non-negotiable when it comes to representing your clothing brand. That’s why we offer screen printing services that are not just exceptional but epitomize premium quality, setting your brand apart from the competition.


Superior Screen-Printing Options for Your Business

3D Screen Printing

3D screen printing allows us to add depth, texture, and intricate detailing to your designs, creating a tactile and visually stunning effect that leaps off the fabric. Whether you want to add a unique touch to fashion apparel, promotional items, or branding materials, our 3D screen printing service offers limitless creative possibilities.

Rubber Screen Printing

Our high-quality rubber screen printing service has been designed to elevate your designs with a blend of durability and style. This innovative process uses specialized rubber inks that create a raised, tactile finish, giving your prints a distinct edge.

Flock Screen Printing

Flock printing employs finely cut fibers with precision, resulting in a velvety, raised texture that's visually striking and tactilely appealing. Whether you're aiming to create high-end apparel, custom merchandise, or promotional materials, our flock screen printing service adds unparalleled elegance and style to your products.

Puff Screen Printing

Discover the transformative power of puff screen printing, where your designs rise above the ordinary. With precision and expertise, we add a special ink that puffs up when cured, creating a three-dimensional effect that commands attention.

A Screen-Printing Service for All Your Needs

Our journey towards premium quality begins with a deep commitment to excellence. Here’s how we redefine screen printing for clothing businesses:

We at Vouge Apparel invest in state-of-the-art screen printing technology. Our advanced machinery ensures precision, vibrant colors, and a level of detail that will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

We understand that the quality of your clothing is reflected in every print. That's why we use only the highest-quality inks and materials, offering a wide range of options, including water-based, discharge, and eco-friendly inks. The result? Prints that are not just visually striking but also soft to the touch and eco-conscious.


Manufacturing dealings, distributing quality.

Our team of skilled artisans pays meticulous attention to every detail. From color matching to registration accuracy, we ensure that every print meets our exacting standards. The result is a consistent, high-quality finish that speaks volumes about your brand’s commitment to excellence.

Our rigorous quality control process ensures that every garment with your printed design meets our stringent standards. We examine every piece for accuracy, consistency, and overall presentation, guaranteeing that your customers receive nothing but the best.

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Design Consultation

Design Consultation

It all begins with your vision. Our experienced design team collaborates closely with your brand to understand your unique style and objectives. Whether you have a specific design in mind or need creative guidance, we're here to ensure your ideas come to life in the most visually stunning way.
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Artwork Preparation

Artwork Preparation

Once your design is finalized, we meticulously prepare it for screen printing. This involves converting your design into separate color layers, ensuring accurate registration and sharpness. Our attention to detail in this phase guarantees that your prints will be crisp, vibrant, and true to your brand's aesthetic.
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Screen Creation

Screen Creation

Screens are the heart of screen printing. We use high-quality, fine mesh screens to transfer your design onto garments. Our skilled technicians burn the screens with precision, resulting in a clean and crisp image ready for printing.
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Ink Mixing

Ink Mixing

Color is key in screen printing. We offer an extensive selection of premium inks, including water-based, discharge, and eco-friendly options. Our ink experts skillfully mix and match colors to achieve the perfect hue, ensuring that your prints are both eye-catching and durable.
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Printing Process

Printing Process

With screens and inks prepared, we're ready to bring your designs to life. Our state-of-the-art printing equipment ensures accuracy and consistency, whether you're printing one or thousands of garments. Our artisans apply the ink with care, achieving vibrant, long-lasting prints.
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